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July 30, 2012

A Smattering of Selenium #105

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This was supposed to go out Friday, but the flu bug I picked up decided to move the schedule about somewhat.

  • As Se marches towards being a W3C standard, the sort of thing in OAuth and API Providers: Come on guys. scares me more and more.
  • Why WP_Error Sucks. Intelligent error handling is hard. Especially when you have a legacy install base to deal with. A nice little rant.
  • Normally you see lists from people about books individuals want to see written, but Heroku has gone one step further and has released Contribute a Dev Center Article of articles they want to see written about how to use their stuff. Brilliant?
  • Issue 141 is getting some publicity this week featuring prominantly in a talk I’ve given 3 times in the last two weeks and now Jim answers once and for all the question of WebDriver: Y U NO HAVE HTTP Status Codes?!. Who am I kidding? There is no way this goes away. USE A PROXY!
  • find a valid and unused port to listen on is a nice little shell script that does exactly what it says. Was posted in the context of finding a port for grid nodes to listen to iirc
  • How To Download Files With Selenium And Why You Shouldn’t echos a lot of what I say around scripting downloads. Also notice the bit at the end about checking status codes if you have an unnatural phobia of proxies
  • BIDPOM drops support for Selenium RC I think is the first project I have seen come out and explicitly drop support for Se-RC. I expect to see more of this over the next year.
  • I haven’t gone through it yet, but it looks like I need to pick up some Objective-C skillz soon and About Objective-C looks pretty good from the quick skim I did.
  • I converted to OSX partly because it was FreeBSD way, way, way under the hood. Mac 10.7 $PATH Settings And Environment Variables really shows how divergent things have come. But is something you need to know when building slave machines
  • Speaking of Mountain Lion, Interesting new UNIX commands/binaries in OS X Mountain Lion. Something about calling a utility that keeps the machine from going to sleep ‘caffeinate’ cracks me up.

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