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July 12, 2010

A Smattering of Selenium #19

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I’ve got a full day of driving ahead of me to go to a client so this is the early-morning (for me) edition of the Smattering post. That of course means there will be an absolute link explosion in about 20 minutes.

  • Dave talks about some of the stuff he is doing with Se-IDE in the post Improving Selenium IDE
  • Another post on how to deal with file downloads in Se. Mission Impossible no more
  • Hue Doj got some tweet love as another possible locator strategy for Se. So who wants to write the integration?
  • I’m really starting to enjoy JUnit 4. Ben has been learning about it too and shares Data driven Selenium in JUnit via @Parameters
  • also got some twitter love. It looks nice, but drag-and-drop script creation and Mac only will ultimately limit its growth capability
  • There was a contest around the test management system, TestRail. What is cool though is the API that they have for it that allows external script engines report into it. It’s all about the integrations…
  • The Bromine project has released new screencast which showcases Sauce OnDemand and Hudson integration. And it is a really slick integration at that.
  • Dawn is interviewed on DZone about Agile testing and SeleNesse (the Se / Fitnesse bridge)
  • High level acceptance testing in your PHP applications using Python, Lettuce and Selenium is a mini tutorial on umm, well, High level acceptance testing in your PHP applications using Python, Lettuce and Selenium
  • Hudson Ci Server Running Selenium/Webdriver Cucumber In Headless Mode Xvfb is another well named post
  • If you are using FarCry, testMXUnit will take a Selenese script and convert it to a format it needs
  • Programmatic testing with Selenium and TestNG is a nice post that discusses TestNG, DbUnit, and Cargo
  • Se-IDE Plugin: Stored Variables ViewerThis plugin allows you to view these variables when the test is running.
  • Another post from Markus Gärtner on a European Weekend Testing session on automation with RobotFramework; this time titled ParkCalc automation – A short reflection
  • Syn JS claims to provide proper click events for Se 1.x scripts. It was only soft launched but expect more from these folks in the near future
  • And lastly, BrowserMob, which was started by Se Core member Patrick Lightbody announced that it has been acquired by Neustar Webmetrics. Congrats! Now stop drinking the champagne and get back to work! 🙂

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