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June 28, 2010

A Smattering of Selenium #17

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Here are the posts dealing with Se, and/or automation in general that caught my eye and interest.

  • Selenium Unit Test Reuse illustrates one way of iterating through environments and browsers in a script without using Se-Grid. I’ve done similar tricks to this to some success — the problem is usually reporting though, but you are all clever folks so I’m sure you could add it in.
  • Adding a custom header is sometimes required when writing a script, but its not really that documented so Kevin wrote How to Perform Basic Authentication in Selenium which combines how to do basic auth and header injection.
  • Not running your scripts inside CI yet? Shame on you! Hudson creator Kohsuke Kawaguchi gave a talk at Digg which they recorded. I haven’t watched it yet, but Se gets a mention according to the notes at the bottom.
  • Haven’t heard of the HAR (HTTP ARchive) format? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either until a bit of a discussion about the captureNetworkTraffic was had and its future in Se
  • The Faker/Sham combination is established in the Ruby (and Perl) world as the way to generate random data of a prescribed format. Anthony has release a similar module for Python with some pythonic twists called Picka (as in ‘Pick a card, any card’ erm, well, name or address actually)
  • Looking for an example of Page Objects in C#? I was last week and Dave convienently enough posted a page object pattern tutorial
  • Adieu to QTP. Now for a closer look at Selenium makes the list just because it uses ‘QTP’ and ‘Chinese bile farm’ in the same sentence.
  • Browsermob opensourced sep4j (which I think stands for ‘Se Parallel for Java’) which is a Collection of utilities for Java-based projects to enable Selenium test parallelization using Selenium Grid or Sauce
  • Richard presented at the LJC Unconference on ‘Agile Acceptance Testing with Cucumber, Cuke4Duke, Groovy & Selenium’ and has posted his slides
  • Speaking of acceptance tests, Gojko has a post on the Anatomy of a good acceptance test
  • Last thing on acceptance tests for this week is actually multiple things. Markus recently did a Weekend Testers event using RobotFramework and ParkCalc and has started a series of posts about it: Getting Started, ParkCalc automation – Refactoring a data-driven test and ParkCalc automation – Refactoring a keyword-driven test are the first three posts in it. Hopefully there will be more too.
  • And I’ll finish with one of my posts from this week which was on how to deal with pesky file downloads in Se. (hint: don’t use Se for downloading files)

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