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May 11, 2010

Selenium Grid 1.0.7 Released

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Following up on the Selenium Grid 1.0.6 release, which was mostly a bug fix release, we’re pleased to announce the release of Selenium Grid 1.0.7. This is another bug fix release that focuses primarily on how Selenium Grid handles browser sessions.

You can download it now or view the changelog. The list of changes are:

  • Hub now instructs remote controls to shutdown a session if the hub is going to remove it due to being idle for too long
  • Added ability to specify timeout period when waiting for remote controls to become available. Now the client can timeout gracefully and decide what it would like to do next
  • Handle common case of session ID not being found, either because it timed out or was already closed; rather than raising a NullPointerException we now raise a NoSuchSessionException
  • Truncate long command response bodies to 128 characters
  • Retry remote control checks up to three times before deciding that a remote control is unreliable or unresponsive. This prevents aggressive unregistration of hosts that are busy or suffer from network issues

As always, patches and bug reports are appreciated:

Barring any critical issues, the next release of Selenium Grid will be 1.1 and will feature an enhanced Web view as well as a status API. After that, we will be moving from GitHub to Google Code to live alongside the other Selenium projects.

If you have any questions about Selenium Grid, please use either the user or the developer list, as is most appropriate for the nature of your question. Ongoing discussion about grid development should take place on the developer list.


  1. Hi,

    I had some doubt regarding selenium Grid ,

    1.I had some samples for Selenium , but i need to configure according to my Site. But the samples which i have collected, is not able to configure to my site.
    2. Hence give me the samples to configure the selenium grid to our own site or guidelines to configure selenium grid
    3.Send me any already configured selenium grid samples too.
    4.How to test a selenium grid with maximum no of users to process the site at a time.Where to Setting a Maximum User count?

    Comment by Rajkumar — May 18, 2010 @ 5:31 am UTC | Reply

  2. I have seen mixed comments around the net as to whether or not the Selenium grid, in particular the ability to control multiple instances of Selenium, could be used for load testing. I am setting up a multiple instance Selenium environment mainly to test many test cases during a small regression testing window and wondered if this could also be expanded to perform basic load testing.

    Comment by Software Testing Directory — June 3, 2010 @ 3:27 am UTC | Reply

    • Selenium as a load testing tool is definitely doable, but it requires massive amounts of hardware. I’m one of the original developers on Selenium RC and in late 2008 I started a company, BrowserMob, which does Selenium-based website load testing. We run millions of Selenium tests every month and thousands of concurrent browsers. Since we do it every day, I can say without a doubt it’s possible – just be prepared to allocate a LOT of resources to the problem. 🙂

      Best of luck!

      Comment by plightbo — June 3, 2010 @ 4:25 am UTC | Reply

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